News updates for DeadlyMatter, a story driven open world action-adventure game in development.


August update

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Indiegogo campaign

The Indiegogo campaign for DeadlyMatter has come to an end and we didn’t reach our goal.

Despite all the efforts online and offline, did DeadlyMatter not get the amount of exposure we were hoping for. The total of visitors on the Indiegogo page was much too low and the outcome is being 1% funded of the 100K goal. While still assessing the whole campaign, can we say for sure that the 2 main reasons for the lack of exposure is that:

  • We did not have the preview demo ready to be released to the important channels due to performance and other technical issues. Our lead developer prematurely left the project so it basically came down to me running the funding campaign while trying to get the demo done at the same time. Within such a short time this was simply undoable.
  • We did we not have enough budget for the costly online advertising
Other things that impacted the campaign:

  • I developed & ran the whole campaign on my own (including video, music, voice overs, content, graphic design, webdesign etc. etc.)
  • 2 HDD crashing simultaneously in my workstation wiping out the system (and the campaign project files)
  • External backup files being corrupt & useless
  • Facebook account blocked after being hacked
  • Extremely slow internet because of ISP throttling (uploading the trailer for example: 16 hours!)
  • VPN issues resulting in not having access (or slow) to social media channels like FB, twitter, instagram etc.
    because those are blocked in China
  • My 18 month old son ill & hospitalized (he’s better now)
  • Passing away of the mother of our concept artist who just started

Overall was the campaign pretty well received and we got almost to none negative responses. Medium and small sized youtubers showed confidence and were willing to show the game on their channels (the absence of a review demo was an issue though)

One of the main goals of the campaign was to develop the game much faster then we have done in the last 2 years. With no budget and even a negative cash flow at this time will there be no speeding up unless we expand our team again with volunteers. It’s at this point a bit uncertain how the team will develop in the future, but I will put in all the effort to reach more potential candidates.

The main goal for the coming months will be working towards the release of a preview demo. If that one is working properly we will possibly start developing a Kickstarter campaign. It’s very likely that certain features in the game will be left out or not developed until we have the budget (or enough volunteers) again.

Because of the uncertainties at this point did we reach out to our Indiegogo backers personally and offered a refund for their contribution.

We would like to thank all of you who supported and contributed in any way!


Cheers & greetings from Shanghai

Nils Eikelenboom
Nils Eikelenboom
Founder Studio DimSum
Indie developer of DeadlyMatter
A story driven open world action-adventure game in development.

Step into the role of Alex and prevent mass production of antimatter by the Illuminati. Explore locations all over the world like the Crimea & Sinai and unveil the conspiracy to decimate the human population.

Seek the truth, expose the dark side & sabotage your destruction!

June update

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# June update


We launched our Indiegogo funding campaign almost a month ago (in June). As we were aware that certain events would take place, didn’t it effect our confidence at that time. A lot of things happened around gaming in the past 3 weeks. We had E3 with awesome new announcements of upcoming games by colleague developers. And the Steam Summer Sale is finally coming an end; which certainly kept a lot of gamers pretty busy and holding the credit card at hand for the cool price reductions ( hence we even bought new games our selves – yet no time to play of course ;).

On the personal level, it was also a pretty turbulent time. My dearest Son got seriously ill and we had to spend too many days in the hospital. For him as a toddler it must have been a scary thing, with the nurses and doctors doing tests and all, but for me it certainly was terrifying to see him that ill. Getting access to internet platforms like twitter, facebook and instagram is really challenging in China, especially when not in the office. So when I spend the days in the hospital, I couldn’t work on the campaign and it was troublesome to keep you updated properly.

Everything combined, it had/has a great impact on the exposure of DeadlyMatter and the campaign results right now are not so great. Therefore have I decided to extend the campaign with another 30 days and do a soft re-launch at the end of this week. We’re extremely lucky to work with Indiegogo, and have the opportunity to prolong the campaign time.

You’ll be certainly going to see us at lot more comparing the recent weeks. It would be awesome if you can help us out spreading the word! When you know somebody who can have an positive influence on the campaign or simply have a question of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact us on twitter, facebook or use the contact form here.

New artwork

To kick-off the new period are we very pleased to present you new art work for the game. It will surely give DeadlyMatter a fresh new look and draw more attention. The new illustration with Alex finding an antimatter container, will be the new key visual for the Indiegogo campaign. You may probably already have seen it popping up here and there. Let us know what you think of it, we’re really interested in your opinions.

DeadlyMatter artwork (June)



The subscription period for the alpha-test is over. We received enough submissions in June, so it’s therefore no longer possible to join the program. We’re really sorry if you waited too long, hesitated or simply didn’t know there was one. For all of you who want to play the game, we’re encouraging you to get it with a perk on our Indiegogo page here. For those who did subscribe in time; you’ll be notified very shortly if, when and how you can join the test. The selection process is still on-going.

Early demo

The early demo (preview) is currently in development. Due to technical issues (June) and personal circumstances is there a delay in the development time. Though we never pointed out a strict release date, are we of course aiming to have it ready at least 2 weeks before the closing time of the Indiegogo campaign. This demo is meant for press, bloggers & vloggers only. We’re screening the subscriptions carefully and will only provide the demos to parties that we think could have a positive influence on the funding campaign.

DeadlyMatter is in a pre-alpha stage and not finished; so note we will need to work closely with those parties who receive it. This demo can’t be used for review purposes as the game isn’t finished yet and won’t be released to the public for at least half a year. Please contact us for further details.

Greetings from Shanghai, China

Nils Eikelenboom

Nils Eikelenboom

Founder of Studio DimSum
and the indie developer of DeadlyMatter

DeadlyMatter is on Indiegogo!

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DeadlyMatter is on Indiegogo!

We’re very excited that we’ve have launched our funding campaign on Indiegogo. Within the coming weeks we will know how the future of DeadlyMatter is going to look like. We would be extremely grateful if you can back us now, even if it’s only a small gesture like $2.

If you don’t like spending your money on perks, then just spreading the word for us would be already truly awesome 🙂

Back us now on Indiegogo


May update

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We just (soft) launched our new website today, replacing the old one from 2013.

While in development you’ll see grow, change and run into little issues. The previous one really had to go, so we can provide you all the new stuff and inform you about the current state of the project.


Check out our new trailer if you didn’t see it yet, and let us know what you think!


We will be sending out monthly newsletters pretty soon, if you like you can subscribe at the bottom of the page!

We’re very extremely busy with the development, so we won’t send you mail that often 🙂


April update

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DeadlyMatter April 2016 update 

So what’s going on?

DeadlyMatter was Greenlit last year with a fair amount of votes – and 74% of you would like to buy it when it comes out. With full confidence we went on developing with the focus to get it ready as a multiplayer version first, with one reasonable sized map, and bring it out as an early access game on Steam.

The pre-alpha version currently runs on a custom engine that’s derived from a open sourced (MIT licened) engine, giving us the freedom to do whatever we want with it, without paying any royalties for it once released. However, this means we’re also maintaining the engine and need to further develop it in house to keep up with modern standards.

DM has been a no-budget project for a couple years and it’s completely developed thus far with just hard and a lot of labour, making big sacrifices in our lives. Often we found our selves doing regular jobs, taking on projects that had nothing to do with games and being nervous that development didn’t went as fast as planned. The early access version would need funding to get us working fulltime on this and hiring more people to lift up the quality. Even when it’s in early access, the game needs to playable and give you the right experience. A low quality product with known bugs and issues, will not give you the right player experience and will give DM a negative impression; which in any case isn’t good for any of us.

The development towards a decent product that can be shown and convince you to help us out by a little bit of funding to get the multiplayer version of DM online took much longer then anticipated.

Currently all the focus is now on getting the crowdfunding campaign online as soon as we can make new promises. If successful and finally have a bit of budget to work with, then we can look for more professionals to join the team, continue & speed up the development, and deliver DM with the quality it deserves. Finding the right people who are known with the current engine is a pretty daunting task, so we are also considering to port it to another one; that’s up-to-date with the technology available today. If we’re not reaching our campaign goal, then the game will be further developed, but with a little bit outdated graphics, less features and reduced in size.


What’s next?

We really need your help right now! If you (still) like the concept of the game and would really like to play it, you’d do this project a big favour by telling others how you think of it. In a couple of weeks we’re going to have our new website up and start the crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. The perks we’re going to offer during the campaign are going to be awesome; and stuff like T-shirts and more shipped right to your door. So stay tuned if you like!

Cheers, Nils Eikelenboom