The world is ruled by a secret society called the Illuminati. For a long time they have been working on a global master plan to decimate the human population with the goal to create something they called “a new balance”. Their latest project involves the mass production of antimatter in secret underground laboratories, which is used to create weapons of mass destruction.

You will step into the role of Alex, who’s task is to prevent the production of antimatter by sabotaging the facilities and extract the source material: gold. Because these secret underground facilities are hidden from the outside world, you’ll have to find them first. As they are spread all over the world, some locations like the Crimea (Black Sea) and Sinai (Egypt) are pretty challenging to visit.

While you’re making your journey through areas that can be closed or hostile, you’ll need to make certain decisions about using violence to achieve your goals. As in real life, aggression is noted and the area with its people (NPC’s) you’re in, will respond to that accordingly. As Alex, you’ll not be able to only shoot your way through, but you’ll also need to use stealth or diplomacy and solve problems without violence.

The organisation that is sending you off to these far locations will back you up financially and technically, but demand certain things in return. At some point you will wonder if all the things you do are as noble as one thought they would be.



There’s really not that much strict linearity found in DeadlyMatter, you’ll be able to roam free within the boundaries of the map. The given quests will bring you to various locations, but often you’ll decide how and when to get there. All buildings and structures can be explored, though some areas might be sealed until certain quests are completed.


We are very keen on replicating real world locations in DeadlyMatter as accurate as possible. It’s very likely that if you enter a certain building in DeadlyMatter you’ll be able to trace it back in virtual globe/map application like Google Earth or in real life. Our first map release will be a representation of 16km² of the Crimean Peninsula at the Black Sea, including; mountainous terrain, vast grasslands, forests, small to medium sized towns, industrial areas, highways and a sea port.


DeadlyMatter can be played in third-person and first-person, with a mouse & keyboard or a controller.


Control not only health & stamina, but also blood level, blood sugar level, hydration, stomach content, oxygen saturation and endurance. You’ll not only need to eat & drink to stay alive but also need to take care of what you’re eating and drinking as food & drinks contain water, carbs, proteins and vitamins. A balanced diet results in a healthier and fitter avatar and certain food helps to heal faster after an injury.


Vehicles play an important role in DeadlyMatter. Not only to avoid walking long distances but also to move things from one place to another and use it as a movable stash. For now the only maintenance a car needs is fuel, but this could be extended when the demand is there. Driving a vehicle can be done with keyboard, mouse & keyboard or a controller.


In DeadlyMatter you can find and use all kinds of weapons. Not only firearms and melee weapons, but also for example poisons or hand crafted explosion devices. Simple weapon customisation will be available and can only be done at certain locations on the map.


Interacting with NPCs by using the RPG-style dialogue system is an important part of the gameplay in DeadlyMatter.


A simple crafting system will be implemented and vary from creating poisonous food to hand-crafted explosion devices.


You can loot buildings for food and weapons, but expect habitants defending their property. Or you can buy your necessities, and avoid getting shot at or be wanted by police.


A simple inventory system keeps your stuff at hand, though don’t expect to be able to put a whole arsenal in your backpack. The use of stashes around the map or vehicles can overcome the limitations of the size of your carried inventory.